Freight Rail

ARTC dealing with two-train incident

Leader Street Crossing. Photo: Google

A collision between a pair of freight trains resulted in the derailment of four wagons yesterday morning at Mile End, South Australia.

Just before 8am on Tuesday morning, an intermodal freight train caused another freight train to derail as it collided with its rear, causing four wagons to derail, the ARTC said.

There were no injuries reported. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau is on site to investigate the issue.

The ARTC reported late last night that one of the two freight trains has been moved, clearing the Leader Street level crossing (shown above) and allowing it to operate as normal.

“The level crossings were activated and unable to be cleared this morning as a result of the derailment of a train which was blocking the Leader Street crossing and causing the Victoria Street crossing to operate continuously,” the ARTC said overnight.

“ARTC apologises to motorists and residents who were inconvenienced during their morning commute and thanks the SA Police and Passenger Transport Services for their close cooperation in working together to manage the impacts of the disruption.”

The ARTC is working with SA Police and Passenger Transport Services throughout the operation.