ARA set to expand into New Zealand

<p>The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) will form a group for members in New Zealand to be launched in Wellington next month.</p> <p>The group is a response to the New Zealand rail industry’s development away from a single entity model to a diversified industry with multiple stakeholders, the ARA said.</p> <p>ARA executive director John Kirk said the group aims to champion the railway cause, raise the level of debate and counter criticism of the industry in New Zealand.</p> <p>"There are many current issues affecting rail in New Zealand where a unified voice for the industry will be valuable for industry participants and policymakers," Mr Kirk said.</p> <p>The membership group will be open to all professional organisations with an interest in New Zealand’s rail industry.</p> <p>Wellington-based ARA executive committee member Dr Murray King will chair the group.</p> <br />