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Ansaldo wins Rio rail contract

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> Rio Tinto has signed a $467m framework agreement with Ansaldo STS Australia for its rail development in the Pilbara region </span> <p>The program of works, which would run over five years, will see Ansaldo provide engineering, systems integration and technology required to support Rio’s major expansion and operational efficiency projects in Western Australia.</p><p>The planned projects would include the introduction of Electronically Controlled Pneumatic (ECP) Braking, Direct Locomotive Control (DLC), Automatic Train Operations and enhanced Signalling, Train Control and Communications Systems.</p><p>Rio announced in October that it would invest a further $2.1bn in expanding its iron ore infrastructure in the Pilbara to increase its infrastructure capacity to 283 million tonnes a year by 2013.</p><p>The investment will support Rio’s port and rail infrastructure works around Cape Lambert, including a two-berth wharf, new stockyard, car dumper, two stackers and reclaimers, rail marshalling yards and six new heavy haul train units.</p><p>The mine developments required to take advantage of this increase in infrastructure capacity are currently being studied, with options identified for review including further expansions to the recently opened Brockman 4 and Western Turner Syncline mines, plus further developments of the Nammuldi mine.</p><p>The mines are fully owned by Rio in the western Pilbara and the company’s board is expected to make a final decision on the mine developments in 2011.<br />&nbsp</p>