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Andrews engages social media to spruik Metro plan

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has looked to engage voters online, taking his campaign for the Melbourne Metro rail project to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit on Thursday.

Andrews, who’s made headlines across the country this week by formalising the cancellation of the East West Link tollroad and announcing the preferred alignment for the alternate Melbourne Metro rail project, took his campaign to social media, telling all who would listen that his government is “getting on with it”.

On Facebook, the premier shared a video detailing the planned route for Melbourne Metro.


On Twitter, Andrews engaged with several tweeters who had questions, or criticisms, of his actions during the week.

On popular picture-based social media site Instagram, the premier was at it again, sharing a snippet of  a favourable article in The Age for his followers.

But perhaps the most active social media move made by Andrews (and his staff) was an impromtu interview on online community site Reddit. Andrews, posting under his username DanielAndrewsMP, shared an album of photos (see here) detailing the Melbourne Metro plan, and answered questions from other Melbourne-based users.

Some excerpts from the Q&A:

Q: Not sure from those diagrams, but surely the ‘CBD North’ and ‘CBD South’ should be connected interchanges with ‘Melbourne Central’ and ‘Flinders Street’?

A: CBD North will have a direct connection to Melbourne Central and CBD South will have a direct connection to Flinders Street. One of the many benefits of the depth and alignment we’ve chosen.

Q: Yeah, not sure shallow tunnel idea is very smart under the cbd. have they heard of basements ಠ_ಠ

A: Building the tunnel underneath Swanston St is the most convenient location for commuters and the most cost-effective option for construction. Burying the platforms more than 12 storeys underground is impractical for commuters and not as safe in the event of an emergency.

Q: Yeah, so how does this amazing tunnel help the overcrowding on the South Morang line?

A: Melbourne Metro is the relief valve that ends the traffic jam in the City Loop so more trains can run on every line.

The online positioning from Daniel Andrews sends a clear message: that he understands keeping the public onside is crucial to his long term transport plan. Whether it works is yet to be seen.