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Alstom wins RailCorp ATP contract

Alstom has won the $65m contract to supply Automatic Train Protection (ATP) equipment for the roll out of ATP on RailCorp’s fleets on Sydney’s CityRail network.

Alstom will deliver an ATP system tailored specifically to the requirements of the network, based on Level 1 of the proven European Train Control System (ETCS).

The contract, announced last week, represents the first of three stages for the implementation of ATP across 600km of the CityRail network and includes the roll out of ATP equipment CityRail’s 98 OSCAR and 225 Tangara train drivers’ cabs.

The first of 50 newly equipped trains with ATP equipment installed and operational is expected to be on the tracks and in passenger service between Wyong and Berowra in 2013, followed by the installation of ATP equipment onboard the Waratah and Millenium train fleets and across the rest of the electrified network.

One third of CityRail’s network will be installed with ETCS technology by 2015 with full roll out to be completed by 2021.

Extra security
The system provides an additional layer of security for Sydney’s rail network by using radio transceivers placed at regular intervals along the track which communicate directly with compatible trains.

“ATP works by monitoring a train’s movement on the network and automatically responding when it appears to be approaching danger,” New South Wales minister for transport John Robertson said.

“ATP can, for example, automatically apply the brakes in circumstances where a driver fails to respond to a speed limit or red signal.”

ETCS Level 2
The agreement also includes a pilot line for ETCS Level 2 which will be installed on RailCorp’s Cronulla Branch Line. Once installed, it would permit more trains per hour with improved safety and reliability.

Alstom president Australia Chris Raine said that ERTCS Level 2 would give Australia the potential to upgrade to high-speed rail.

“With this pilot line, RailCorp is laying the foundations for Australia’s rail future,” Raine said.

The ATP program is part of the NSW Government’s response to the Waterfall Inquiry. Of the 177 recommendations arising out of the inquiry, 173 are now deemed closed.

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