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ALC given more funding ahead of new national strategy

<p>The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) will be given more teeth and extra funding under plans unveiled by federal transport minister Mark Vaile this morning (Friday, February 16).</p> <p>Mr Vaile told the logistic council’s annual forum on the Gold Coast that the Federal Government would invest $1.6m into the logistics council over the next four years so it can continue to lead plans for a new National Logistics Strategy.</p> <p>An independent review of the present Australian Logistics Industry Strategy had recommended that the ALC be given extra funding.</p> <p>Mr Vaile said there had been strong support for the present strategy, including the Retail Logistics Supply Chain code of conduct and efforts to attract young people to the logistics industry.</p> <p>A steering committee formed to examine the effectiveness of the present strategy and recommended that a new national strategy be put together.</p> <p>Mr Vaile said the existing strategy had done all it could and that a new strategy was now needed.</p> <p>&#8220The report called for the industry to own and develop the new strategy under the leadership of the ALC, with the Government moving to a secondary role,&#8221 Mr Vaile said.</p> <p>The new strategy will be put together over the next 12 months and be implemented by 2010. </p> <br />