Adelaide-Darwin railway viable: van Onselen

<p>The operators of the Adelaide-Darwin railway should not be discouraged by the difficulties facing rail freight in other states, according to Freight Australia chief executive Marinus van Onselen.</p> <p>Mr van Onselen told the ABC that the Northern Territory holds a big advantage over other states because the Adelaide-Darwin operator will be using new infrastructure.</p> <p>"They’ll be running their trains on a brand new railway line and that’s better than the aged and decaying infrastructure we’re required to use in Victoria," he said.</p> <p>Freight Australia has struggled because of the nature of servicing the agricultural industry. </p> <p>The company was forced to shed 134 staff in December, after the drought forced a massive decline in grain production.</p> <p>Mr van Onselen said the Adelaide-Darwin railway’s longer line and fewer stops will make the business more viable.</p> <br />