Adelaide-Darwin rail prospects for others to decide: van Onselen

<p>Freight Australia chief executive Marinus van Onselen has rebutted media reports that he has made a decision on the viability of the Adelaide-Darwin rail line. </p> <p>Mr van Onselen said he has pointed out that the Alice-Darwin rail freight will have at least one advantage over operators in other states &#8211 that of brand new infrastructure.</p> <p>But Mr van Onselen declined to comment on the long-term prospects for rail freight on the line.</p> <p>"That is purely a matter for other people to determine," Mr van Onselen told <em>Rail Express.</em> "We are [just&#93 a grain hauler in southeast Australia."</p> <p>Those who had invested in the Alice-Darwin link would have their own criteria for its viability, he said.</p> <br />