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Adani awards civil construction contract for Carmichael Rail Network

Adani has awarded the civil construction contract for the Carmichael Rail Network to Martinus.

The $220 million contract includes 86km of rail formation works, a road over rail bridge, nine waterway bridges and over 200 culverts and 35 rail crossings.

The rail project extends for 200km of narrow gauge rail linking the Carmichael Mine to existing rail infrastructure.

Measures in line with coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions have been put in place, said Adani Mining CEO Lucas Dow.

“We’re following all advice from Queensland Health and the federal government and doing all we can to keep our people and the community safe,” he said.

“We also understand how important it is to continue our operations where safe and practicable to provide certainty of employment for our staff and contractors.

“I want to make it clear that the health and safety of our staff is our first priority, however where we are able to continue to operate safely and in line with advice, we will do so.”

Social distancing measures, health screening, and increased hygiene practices are part of the efforts to prevent any spread of COVID-19.

Adani awarded a previous $100 million contract for track works. To date, the first rail camp is complete, with a second under construction and a third about to begin. Across the entire 200km network 26,147 tonnes of steel will be used and 319,000 sleepers will be laid. The entire project will include 460 culverts, 17 bridges over waterways, two road over rail bridges, 68 railway crossings, and local road upgrades.

The workforce for the project will be based out of Rockhampton and Townsville.

Martinus is half owned by Malaysian contractor Gamuda, which indicated in a press release in October 2019 that it was seeking to further enter the Australian rail market. Gamuda has also set up a local subsidiary, Gamuda Engineering Australia.