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Accessibility upgrades planned for Blue Mountains train stations

Mount Victoria, Lawson and Woodford will be the next train stations in the Blue Mountains to begin design and investigation work for much needed accessibility upgrades.

The early design work for these three stations is being delivered under the NSW Government’s new $800 million Safe Accessible Transport program, committed to modern, safe and accessible transport infrastructure.

The 2023-2024 NSW Budget allocated a total of $800.7m over four years to implement the new program, which combines the funds of both the existing Transport Access Program (TAP) and Commuter Car Park Program (CCP) and includes an additional $300m commitment.

Each station upgrade will be tailored to the local area, any heritage sensitivities, and the local community’s suggestions for improvements.

Planning work for each of these stations is expected to take nine to 12 months to complete.

Transport for NSW will undertake targeted community consultation for key stakeholders, including early design workshops for people with disabilities and carers of people with disabilities, to ensure these upgrades work best for all local residents and visitors, particularly those with accessibility needs.

If you are a person with a disability or the carer of a person with a disability, please visit the website to register your interest in the workshops.

Transport for NSW determines the priority of upgrades using evidence-based criteria, including:

  • the needs and demographics of passengers who use the location
  • whether important services such as hospitals or educational facilities are nearby
  • current and future patronage
  • cumulative impacts of other construction projects
  • the accessibility of other nearby transport interchanges and facilities.

More information on the Safe Accessible Transport program is available on the Transport for NSW website.