Passenger Rail

Aboriginal “cultural toolbox” at Claremont station

Rail authorities are getting projects done while promoting cross-cultural awareness.

Claremont Station Project recently held an Aboriginal “cultural toolbox” to mark the halfway point of the two-month intensive period of construction.

Recognising the efforts of staff during the works, the event was an opportunity to take a break while raising cultural awareness, an important objective under the Gnarla Biddi Strategy.

Highlights included introduction of the METRONET Noongar Reference Group by representative Roger Pickett, storytelling and didgeridoo playing by Olman Walley, and a smoking ceremony performed by Greg Ugle.

To date, the Claremont Station Project has reported engaging 19 Aboriginal businesses, well exceeding its targets within Gnarla Biddi’s Aboriginal Procurement stream.

The event itself was made possible by three Aboriginal businesses, with Gather Foods catering the event, Optimal Personnel Services engaging Roger and Greg, and Boorloo Cultural Experiences organising Olman’s performance.

During the two-month period of intensive work, the project team is building new turnbacks, which will allow trains to run from Claremont Station, through the CBD and to the airport.