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A new wave of efficiency with dynamic track stabilisation

The dynamic track stabiliser is a special piece of machinery in Brimble’s fleet.

As one of the only of its kind in Australia with a narrow gauge specification, it is quickly becoming one of Brimble’s most sought-after machines Brimble’s General Manager of Operations West Glenn Osborne explained.

“Australia is experiencing a boom in railway construction projects, and there are only so many machines to go around, especially with the targeted capabilities of the dynamic track stabiliser,” Osborne said.

“During construction projects, there is a period of time where the consolidation is generally done under railway traffic at a reduced or restricted speed,” he said.

“Instead of using the trains in your network to consolidate the track over time, the dynamic track stabiliser simulates the pressure all at once.


“This machine is a real asset on a project because we can now hand the track over in a fully functional state – no further downtime required.”

Brimble is continuing to build its fleet and capabilities out in the West, from the Pilbara to Perth and into South Australia.

“We’re proud to be able to give our clients access to a machine that means less downtime and greater efficiency for their trains,” said Osborne.

“And we’re not only working directly with networks here, but also with our many partners across Australia.”

“Your project might have all the necessary machines, except for one or two pieces of equipment. Our diversified fleet means we can often supply the gaps in these projects, and we’re more than happy to do so.

“Our model is agile, and it means everyone wins, work gets done and networks can get up and running efficiently.”

Brimble’s dynamic track stabiliser is ready for new projects on all track gauges.