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$3m to pay for 30 projects in North East Vic

More than 30 projects are scheduled for a three-day rail outage in North East Victoria, the Australian Rail Transport Corporation has said.

ARTC’s interstate asset management general manager Brian Green this week said $3 million of works were planned for a maintenance shutdown in the region from March 11 to 13.

“Planned nearly a year in advance, a ‘track shutdown’ allows for a large amount of work to be delivered efficiently and safely,” Green explained.

“It is important we approach maintenance in a careful, staged and planned manner in the context of all rail operations and the needs of the entire network.”

Green said this was particularly relevant in North East Victoria, given the region’s railways serve valuable freight and passenger services operating across the national interstate rail freight network.

An ARTC representative recently travelled with a V/Line driver to confirm the range of works planned.

“The March shutdown will allow ballast cleaners, excavators and diggers on hi-rail equipment, rail tampers and other specialist equipment access to the track to deliver everything from track undercutting to ballast cleaning, rail grinding and drainage improvements,” Green said.

“The team will also invest in bridge and level crossing replacements and other rail infrastructure upgrades during the March shutdown – improvements the taxpayer doesn’t pay a cent for.

“Additionally we delivered a range of rail maintenance tasks – similar to the flood recovery work taking place to local roads and other infrastructure in the region – since November.”

The track corporation delivered new capacity works in January to support increased rail freight demand in the region, with new freight trains servicing Brisbane and Melbourne markets out of North East Victoria.

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