3D virtual model of Adelaide in the works

Adelaide’s CBD and surrounding suburbs are to be digitally mapped to create a 3D model that will assist in city planning, the South Australian government recently announced.

The $2 million-dollar model is to be a highly accurate 3D replica that will allow suburb level, precinct level and individual site level reviews of planning strategy and property development within the city’s inner ring and in suburbs stretching out to the west.

“Traditional developments have been planned and assessed with two-dimensional plans, and engagement with the public has relied on ‘artist impressions’ to visualise the impact,” state planning minister John Rau said.

“3D modelling is used around the world with great success and will allow the public to visualise a proposal and how it will fit with the existing streetscape.”

The 3D model is a response to the government’s 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide, which will attempt, over the long-term, to increase urban density in the city, raising it from 15-25 dwellings per hectare to 35 dwellings per hectare in dedicated growth corridors.

Members of the public will be able to access the model online, allowing them to interact with the mapped city and engage with proposed developments.

“A virtual city model builds on the transition to e-planning,” Rau said. “[This] will make our planning system more efficient and accessible.”

The project’s first phase is expected to be completed during the current financial year, and will consist of mapping of the Adelaide’s CBD and other key development corridors. The latter phases of the project, to be carried out over the 2 following years, will see the mapping extend to Adelaide’s inner ring and west towards the coast.