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2024 to be the year of the sustainable supply chain

MEGATRANS 2024 has taken a focus on sustainability for this year’s event. The aim of this is to better reflect the logistics sector.

The year 2024 will see the logistics industry make a shift towards sustainability, with investments in this space set to skyrocket, according to MEGATRANS Show Director Lauren Chartres.

“The sustainable supply chain is going to be the top focus in the new year,” Chartres said. 

“The past few years have been about securing supply chains at any cost, after they were disrupted by the pandemic. Now that supply chains have settled, and stock levels risen, major logistics companies are telling us that they are looking to invest in sustainability.”

It’s an investment, Chartres said, that is being supported by the Federal Government’s most recent budget that provided more than $4.5 billion in climate-related spending. This includes $20.9 million over five years to decarbonise transport and infrastructure.

The freight transport sector currently contributes to 46 per cent of emissions nationally, and transporting people and goods around Australia is predicted to be country’s largest source of emissions by 2030.

MEGATRANS2024 will also examine cold chain solutions and how they can impact the whole chain function.  

To increase the focus on making the cold chain more sustainable, including reducing carbon emissions, minimising waste, and adopting eco-friendly technologies, MEGATRANS2024 will feature exhibitors working in this space as well as conference sessions covering the latest technologies, innovations and regulations.

“The challenge for MEGATRANS2024 is to unite the logistics industry in building a sustainable future,” Chartres said.

“By providing a forum for like-minded suppliers and industry leaders to connect to connect, across the exhibition, conference and jobs pavilion, we hope to play pivotal role in that process.

“It will take the most advanced technology, groundbreaking initiatives, forward thinking companies, and exceptional talent to create a truly sustainable supply chain that we can be proud to pass onto the next generation.”

Chartres notes that the logistics industry is still struggling to secure and diversify its workforce. For this reason, the show will feature a jobs fair component, with a $1 million marketing campaign to help attract new talent into the industry.

“We need to start building up the next generation of the logistics industry now,” Chartres said. “And it needs to be reflective of this generation so the industry can mirror its values and set itself up for the future.”

The show will similarly offer solutions for companies investing in traceability, as well as cold chain solutions, areas that are so vital for a sustainable supply chain at
every level.

Charters and the team at MEGATRANS are supporting the industry’s sustainable priorities by focusing the entire conference and expo on the long-term sustainable supply chain.

MEGATRANS, Australia’s largest logistics event taking place in Melbourne in September 2024, tickets will be available on the MegaTRANS website.