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2013 the defining year for OZ rail research

<span class="" id="parent-fieldname-description"> As the CRC for Rail Innovation enters its final year, 2013 will be quite a defining year for Australian rail research as the CRC wraps up its research projects and turns its attention to what shape rail research will take in the future. </span> <p>By Jennifer Perry</p><p>As 2013 marks the sixth year out of seven years of operations for the CRC, the organisation is focused on delivering as much value and benefit as it can to the Australian rail industry through the finalisation of research projects.</p><p>“With only 18 months of Commonwealth Government funding remaining, it is the CRC’s priority to work with its participants to ensure research projects reach completion and the knowledge and tools that are developed are shared with industry and adopted,” acting CRC CEO Kellie Dyer said.</p><p>“This includes the completion of some of our longer running projects which will deliver value to industry in areas such as bridge maintenance, wheel rail interface and a suite of safety projects focused around level crossings.”</p><p>And with only 18 months left for the current CRC, what does the future hold for rail research in Australia?</p><p>2013 will see the CRC focused on how the Australian rail industry can capitalise on the significant body of research it has produced over its lifetime, and exactly what shape rail research could take once the CRC winds down.</p><p>“As the current CRC is underpinned by government funding, we are looking at a potential industry supported model for the future,” Dyer explained.</p><p>While the CRC is in the early stages of developing this model, Dyer said discussions with industry participants and stakeholders have been very encouraging.</p><p>Besides continuing to build on 2012’s bumper year of research outputs, in the coming 12 months the CRC will be focused on showcasing the Australian rail research to the international community.</p><p>In recognition of the importance of strategic international/bilateral relationships – and Australia’s ‘Asian Century’ – 2013 will see a group mission to China, supported by the Federal Government’s Australia-China Science Research Fund.</p><p>“The CRC believes there is real potential to unlock opportunities between the Chinese and Australian rail industries and harness existing rail linkages and capabilities between Australian and Chinese researchers,” Dyer said. </p><p>At the end of the year, the CRC is co-hosting the prestigious 10th World Congress on Railway Research at the Sydney Convention Centre, to be held in conjunction with Australia’s key rail event, AusRAIL.</p><p>Dyer said the World Congress will not only benefit the Australian rail industry by showcasing Australian rail research to the rest of the work but will also allow Australian researchers to access and leverage off rail research being conducted internationally.</p><p>The CRC’s research achievements for 2012 and future priorities can be found in its Year in Review, available for download at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a><br />&nbsp</p>