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NSW Government commits to updating fleet in budget

The 2024-25 NSW Budget is investing $22.09 billion to build and improve transport services.

In Western Sydney, $2.1 billion is being provisioned for Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 construction, to accelerate the delivery of better-connected communities in Western Sydney.

This will connect the growing communities in Western Sydney along the 12 kilometre alignment between Ermington, Melrose Park, Parramatta and Olympic Park, and includes;

  • 14 new stops between at Camellia and Carter Street, Olympic Park
  • Dedicated 8.5km active transport corridor
  • New river crossings.

The first phase of delivery is the construction of a new 320-metre public and active transport bridge over Parramatta River between Wentworth Point and Melrose Park.

The iconic NSW made Tangara trains will also receive critical upgrades, while the NSW Government forges ahead with a Future Fleet Program to return domestic manufacturing to NSW and build the next generation of Tangaras.

$447 million will keep the current Tangara fleet on the tracks for approximately 12 more years to ensure passengers have safe and reliable services while the new fleet is built.

The state’s 55 Tangaras make up a quarter of the Sydney Trains fleet. As they age, they will continue to face major reliability issues, as they are the highest contributor to maintenance faults on the rail network.

Without life extension works, an estimated five Tangaras per year are at risk of breaking down and being pulled from service, greatly impacting commuters.

An additional $17.5 million will fund the Future Fleet Program, developing a Strategic Business Case to build the next generation Tangara fleet in NSW.

The 2024-25 Budget also commits $75.2 million to the continued reliability, resilience, and future of the rail network across NSW.

Funding focuses on the key areas of procurement, safety and the workforce, this includes:

  • A new digital train radio system
  • The Illawarra Rail Resilience Plan.

$5.5 billion has been allocated to the Sydney Metro-Western Sydney Airport project delivering six new stations to service the future Western Sydney International Airport and the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

$13.4 billion is committed to the delivery of Australia’s biggest transport project, Sydney Metro West, which will support more housing and double the rail capacity between Parramatta and Sydney CBD.

This is part of the NSW Government’s plan to build better communities for NSW. To ensure infrastructure is built alongside housing to produce better and well-serviced communities.