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GWA boosts locomotive fleet

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At the Adelaide Parklands passenger terminal last Thursday around 60 people attended a lunchtime ceremony to officially mark the delivery of Genesee & Wyoming Australia’s (GWA) fleet of new GWU class locomotives.

GWA boosts locomotive fleet

By Mark Carter

The fleet of nine GE-powered 4,300 horsepower C44ACi locomotives were built by UGL in Newcastle and will be used by GWA on Darwin line trains and a new iron ore haulage contract for Arrium scheduled to commence operating before the end of the year.

With locomotive GWU006 as a backdrop, Jack Hellmann, president and chief exectuive of GWA’s US parent Genesee & Wyoming Inc., told guests that GWA had invested well over $100m  with the purchase of 16 new locomotives from UGL (9) and Downer (7) since October last year.

Hellmann said this reflects the importance of GWA’s operations to GWI’s global business, with a third of all revenues now coming from the Australian division.

Alan Beacham representing UGL said the company was pleased to have GWA as a valued client and that locomotive GWU007 from the latest order is the 100th loco built by the company to the C44ACi design.

Beacham said to support the GWU fleet in South Australia, UGL have negotiated access with GWA to use the former bogie exchange facility at Dry Creek as a maintenance support centre for the new locos.

GWA has also ordered an additional three GT46ACe locomotives from Downer Rail to cater for further increases in traffic with delivery expected by September this year. 

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