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Qube Logistics to increase focus on rail

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Qube CEO Maurice James, says the company plans to diversify its operations from a focus on ports to all aspects of the supply chain, particularly with regard to further expanding its rail operations.

Qube Logistics to increase focus on rail

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In a letter to shareholders new Qube CEO Maurice James says the company is very focused on increasing rail’s share of container freight movements to and from ports as this provides significant benefits to its customers as well as being more environmentally friendly than road transport.

He says, “Qube has grown its rail business in the past year and is looking forward to taking delivery of additional locomotives and wagons during the next six months to further grow its rail business. We continue to see significant opportunities to provide competitive and reliable logistics solutions involving rail transport in conjunction with other logistics services for the movement of containers, rural and bulk products.”

Qube’s Landside Logistics division comprises the company’s 94.7% ownership in the business conducted by POTA Holdings Pty Limited and its subsidiaries known as POTA. The business currently trades under the brand P&O Trans Australia with the rail operations part of the business trading as Qube Rail.

The primary focus of the Landside Logistics Division is on providing a broad range of services relating to the import and export of containerised cargo. The services currently provided by Qube (through POTA) include the physical and documentary processes and tasks of the import/export supply chain such as road and rail transport of containers to and from ports, operation of full and empty container parks, customs and quarantine services, warehousing, intermodal terminals and international freight forwarding.

The Division has continued to expand its geographic and service footprint, most recently through the acquisition of Mackenzie Intermodal in July 2011. This business provides a range of logistics services for the major participants in the wine industry and also provides Qube with additional terminal facilities for its rail business.

The Strategic Development Assets Division has continued the company’s interest in developing rail terminals with sites at Moorebank and Minto south of Sydney.  Both of these properties are located adjacent to the dedicated Southern Sydney Freight Line (SSFL) currently under construction.

These assets are being leased to third party tenants to generate income while Qube undertakes the necessary analysis and planning and obtains the required development approvals to transform these assets into operating logistics properties predominantly involving inland rail terminals and related logistics activities.

“Qube, in conjunction with its partners, continues to progress the planning process for these developments. A detailed environmental report has recently been submitted to the NSW Government as part of the Moorebank planning approval process. In respect of the property at Minto, approval has recently been granted for Qube to construct a rail turn-out from its property to the SSFL,” Mr James said.

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